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  The conceptual name AEROCRAT Ч which means "the master of air (ether)" Ч hides a hard work of a harmonious team of professionals, an original corporate alliance meant to solve various tasks and unceasingly accumulate experience on the path of perfection.
  The creative AEROCRAT team is engaged in the spectrum of advertising activities from political PR, journalism, and marketing to outdoor advertising, video production, and web-design.
  Our slogan УFrom light to weightyФ expresses our credo: genius is always simple Ч in all senses, and the search for this simplicity and its implementation is the real accomplishment.
  Welcome to cooperation!

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  If you seek to implement advertising projects, conceptual developments in the field of promotion, PR or marketing, you may count on the AEROCRATТs full understanding and support.

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The range of suggested services includes:

Х Political, communicative and corporate PR.

Х Development of outdoor advertising carriers: inflatable attractions, pneumatic stands, PVC banners, flags, streamers, etc.

Х Video production, web-design, landscape arrangement of advertising sites, copywriting, media planning, consulting, and development of advertising campaigns on a turn-key basis.

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Some interesting offers are presented on our site; the AEROCRAT team is ready to agree upon prices and terms.

So be it!
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